Triple-D German Shepherds Puppy Contract

Puppy Contract

Puppy Purchase Contract
Reg #__________________
Name of Puppy_____________________________D.O.B______________
Male______Female______Description____________________________ _
breeder: Triple D German Shepherds
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I supply a contract for the sole purpose of safeguarding his/her health and welfare. I believe that a signed contract may suggest and motivate an added layer of accepted responsibility by the seller (Triple D German Shepherds) and (you) the buyer and is,therefore, a protection for the dog, the new owner, and the breeder. The AKC does suggest
that agreements between individuals should be in writing that clearly states all obligations and circumstances and that all parties should receive a copy of the agreement.Triple D German Shepherds guarantees this puppy to be in good health on date of purchase.

1) Triple D recommends you take your new puppy to vet within 48 hours (2 business days) to get a health checkup.

2) At time of pickup new owners agree to terms of this contract agreement with triple D and a signature will be required. A puppy contract will be sent with puppy to new home.

3) Deposits are Non refundable.

4) Triple D will not be responsible for any vet bills that the buyer that may incur, change of mind, landlord/spouse/parentsdisapproval/allergy/accidents or injury to puppy after puppy has left our property.. Triple D is located in Caddo, Oklahoma, and is a licensed kennel.

5) Shots and dewormings will be up to date ,5 in 1 shots will be given at 2, 4,6,8,10,12wks, dewormings (pyrantel/Fenbendazole) will be given every 2 wks since their birth, Puppies are born with worms and must dewormed monthly for there health.

6) Your new puppies food is also very important. We feed our dogs and puppies Pedigree Puppy /Pedigree Adult. The puppy is required
to stay on this food for at least 6 months, do not change food . I recommend using the same food, because, if you don’t you will have diarrhea and stomach problems due to changing food. You must understand that when you take your new puppy home, there is a lot of stress on your new baby. The puppy just got its mother taken away 2 wks ago and now all its siblings, they will cry and be scared/shy for the first two weeks. Sometimes a upset stomach, like a child, causes loose stools, and stress may cause coccidia to develop. If this happens you should be treat with Marquis, it is best, so your new puppydoesn’t dehydrate. Sometimes the puppy will drink too fast and get water into the lungs and cause a cough, vets call it aspirated pneumonia, give it 2 days and it goes away.

7) When you take your new puppy out or to the vet don’t let the puppy out of crate ,or keep in your arms, Parvo is very dangerous to this new baby until 16 wks old (shots are not fool proof). So Don’t take this puppy anywhere there is a chance of contacting Parvo. Its your responsibility to keep this puppy safe and sound .

8)The Buyer shall keep the dog as a household pet.

9) The Buyer shall provide the dog with an adequate food, fresh water, shelter, affection, and medical care upon sickness, disease, or injury. Maintenance should include an annual health exam and routine vaccinations as recommended by a board-certified veterinarian.
Humane care and maintenance in accordance with all current and future state, county, and municipal laws and ordinances where the Buyer resides.

10) A fully fenced yard or other humane means of exercise.

11) The dog shall not be kept chained or constantly outdoors.

12) Buyer will purchase A collar and identification tag and/or microchip for the puppy.

13) Never permit the dog to roam unattended.

14) We require that you stay in contact and ask that you send updated pictures of the puppy with his/her new family (so we may add them to our website, so potential buyers of new litters can see our past puppies and how they have grown), and we also ask that you keep us updated
on how they are doing with their new family.

We sell all our Puppies with limited or full Registration (depending on price you choose), and feel strongly that if you pay for a dog from Triple D you should be able to choose whether you want limited registration or full registration. We feel we have the best job in the world being able to bring to love and joy of a new puppy into your family. Feel free to call or email us with any questions. Triple-D-German Shepherds has the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to any customer, at any time, at our sole discretion.

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Deposit Payed_________________________________Signature_________________________