All puppies are $ (TBA)


A deposit of $250 will reserve a puppy. The deposit is applied to the purchase price. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Our Goal

Our goal is to match each puppy and family to the best fit for everyone. Puppy selection takes place around 7 weeks old, after their drives, temperaments, and personalities are more apparent. Puppy selection is based on the needs of the family and the needs of the puppy, in the order of deposit received. Consideration will be made for gender preferences and color preferences when possible. We will not place a puppy in a home we believe will not be a good match. Ultimately, everyone ends up unhappy if the match is not a good fit. Once a puppy leaves here, we will not give refunds unless there is something wrong with the pupy. then you have your choice of money back or another pup.

Puppy Care

We raise our puppies in our home using many of the Puppy Culture protocols. Our goal is to give each puppy it’s best start through love, play and exposure to many different experiences to enable them to be healthy, confident, happy puppies when they leave our home. We de-worm the puppies several times according to standard care protocols for puppies. We provide their first round of vaccinations. They will also be examined by our veterinarian before leaving our home.

Health Guarantees

Our puppies are guaranteed to be free of genetic disorders. Hips are guaranteed to be free of dysplasia. It will be the buyer’s responsibility to have the puppy x-rayed and OFA certified by an orthopedic veterinarian at two years of age. We put a lot of effort into planning our breeding’s and raising our puppies. Therefore, we are proud of the dogs we produce.


The person who truly deserves the title BREEDER needs to be a protector of the breed, a social worker with potential buyers, a public relations expert and educator a socializer of puppies and trainer of adult dogs. He or she needs to be a student of genetics knowledgeable about pedigrees and aware of health and veterinary requirement for breeding stock. And of course they are also office and business managers and sanitary engineers!One thing for sure, a breeder is not a breadwinner. Take the costs associated with selling, breeding raising, nurturing the puppies and parents and advertising, not to mention the time put into to the best possible breeding combination, purchasing the best breeding stock, paying stud fees, breeding tests, etc. ovulation timing tests. At best it’s a break even experience, and often is a money losing proposition.There are several “red flags” that you should consider when interviewing a breeder:

Puppies that have not been socialized, Puppies that have not seen a veterinarian, Breeders that are reluctant to give you references
Breeders that breed more than one breed of dog , Breeders that won’t allow you to see their breeding facility or environment , Breeder facilities that look like puppy mills , Puppies that appear dirty or smell/living in poor conditions , Breeders that don’t work with a veterinarian providing good quality prenatal care to the bitch , Breeders that don’t take the puppies to their veterinarian in for general “wellness care” and health certificates
Breeders that won’t give you a guarantee , Breeders that don’t want to you meet the pups parents and Breeders that sell to pet stores


Originally a herding dog, it seem the German Shepherd can be trained to do any job. Police, search and rescue, military, assistance, Guide work – it thrives on a life of service.
Standardized in Germany in the 1890’s , German Shepherds were bred for Herding, German Shepherds are in the AKC Herding Group. They are Fearless, devoted, intelligent. They require Daily brushing , Regular and vigorous . They Adapt well to urban living. they are outstanding watchdogs. Life expectancy is around 14 years . Males: 24-27 inches 85-100 pounds , Females: 22-25 inches 55-75 pounds.


Black and Red

Black and Tan

Red Sable

Grey Sable

Bi-Color Sable


Black and Silver


all can have long or medium coats